This year my mom asked to have our family portraits done since the last time we’ve done a shoot was when I was 16 years old.  Yes. that was a long time ago.  So I made sure to email everyone the details, and texted everyone the day before to make sure that everyone was clear on what they should be wearing and what time to meet etc.  Sure enough my conversation with my mom went like this; “mom, make sure that Ella has something gray to wear, any shade of gray will work.”  Mom says, “I got Ella a gray sweater and I’m wearing white.”  I take a deep breath and ask, “mom, why are you going to wear white when I asked for you to wear gray?”  She says, “Oh, I thought you said I can wear white or gray?  I guess I have to go back to Ross then.”  The rest of the story went like this, My bro and sis was running late~ “we’re one hour behind,”  my other bro says I don’t have anything gray to wear~ who thrives at the energy I put out when I get frustrated, (who secretly had a sweater to wear) my dad repeatedly ask me “hey babe, how do I look? do you like my shirt?”  Matt rubbing my back telling me he loves me~ and 3pm became 4:00, 4:30, 4:40, 4:50.  We started shooting at 5pm and then 15 minutes later the sun came down.  I must say if it wasn’t for Matt this wouldn’t have been possible, again he is the best assistant EVER.

In the spirit of Christmas, we wanted to wear a “Christmas sweater” and include our doggies!  By the 5th take, everyone was ready to call it quits and started eating.  Happy Holidays everyone!  =)


I like the last one inside the house, we have Tira and Adora with us. I want a big copy of this!!! Love it!!!!!

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