I really like birds; owls and hummingbirds in particular. I’m obsessed with Spatule humming birds especially after watching them with a good friend of mine the other night. Somehow it inspired me to write…  Oh, and the last time I wrote something that rhymed I was probably 13…
Disclaimer: I am not a writer, so if my style of writing offends you, please forgive me. 🙂

Little humming bird it’s ok to cry
Let the wind soar your wings for which direction you must fly
Upside down or backwards you must move
But keep going to where you find your groove

Little humming bird you will find your strength
Be that it forces you in circles because you are elite and heart grand in length
Find your source and hover with all your might
It is not the distance you need to achieve, it is where you follow light

Little humming bird you are full of flight
Spatules will impress you; one will catch your sight
Be patient little humming bird, your heart is fragile so
Oh little humming bird, you must learn to let go

Photograph by Dubi Shapiro, The marvellous spatuletail, an endangered hummingbird found in Peru, is unique with two outer feathers.

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