What a lovely time I had photographing these guys.  Young H channeling her favorite star- Taylor Swift  and baby J doing anything for an M&M~then… snap!  They were rockin’ it out along with their parents.  Mom and dad had a routine going and sometimes J would only go to daddy then mommy, then back to daddy.  H was a trooper helping out like a big sister should which displayed their unity as a family.  It was delightful to watch and so much fun to capture!  Thanks guys!  As E would say, I heart you guys!  =)

~look, feel, remember~


P.S.  Special thanks to my wonderful husband and assistant who-is-awesome.

As always, I like to play around and get a little creative- and throw in a black and white…..


wonderful pictures, you can see how happy this family are!

Words cant express how warm these pics make us feel. You have captured our family’s essence: a lil crazy, disorderly and perfect…for US. We cant wait to see them all. WE HEART YOU!

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