For the first time in months Matt and I had a weekend off, and what better way to spend it right in our hometown and with our baby pooch.  Adora was in heaven when we took her for a hike on the beach.  This is the spot I usually take her to twice a week, but she was in more great spirits when she had both “mama and papa” with her.  I say it was a treat for all three of us.  It’s always great to get re-connected with nature; it’s a cleansing and calming of the mind.  below are pictures I took during our walk.  I hope you enjoy them just as much as we do. xoxoxo

look, feel, remember,



<3 her!! And love that she knows when the camera's going off on her. Love the Ocean, too.

She is sooooo adorable like her name Adora! good you guys have a break for yourself, looking forward to see you guys!
Love you all!

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