I love it when Matt and I get home, Adora runs around in laps until she tires herself.  I love it when she puts her paws on my leg to show she’s giving me attention and she wants me to give it back.  I love it when her tail wags like windshield wipers on full speed because she is happy and playful.  I love it when she looks at me for approval before getting to sit on her spot on the couch.  I love it when she follows me around the house to see what I’m doing.  I love it when I open the fridge and she runs at me because she thinks she may get a treat.  I love it when she rings the bell to go potty or because she just wants to go outside.  I love it when we go out for walks her nose is stuck to the ground.  I love it when she knows I have a treat and she does every single trick she knows before I ask her to.  I love it when she rolls on the floor playfully w/out a toy and is amused by nothing.  I love it when I’m feeling stressed she is able to calm me down.  I love it when she touches both Matt and I before falling asleep.  I love it that no matter how bratty she can be, she still is able to make me smile.

Happy 2nd birthday Adora!  We love you!

look, feel, remember…

~let xx

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