Adora is the best dog ever!  Doesn’t everyone say that about their baby?  She is beautiful, smart, and such a weirdo!  (A good thing in my book!)  Adora was super excited to get such an early visitor, her cousin pooch-koko.  Soon, her other canine friends joined her for the festivities and they were in for a treat!  We had such a great time, I may do it again next year.  =)  Happy Birthday to our baby.  She’s brought so much joy in our lives.  I guess she’s a keeper.

*Special thanks to my lovely assistant/niece for helping me bake puppy-cupcakes and creating the doggy bags.  She’s only 5 years old and she’s already a fantastic coordinator.*

*Special thanks to Lovey for snapping awesome photos, for loving Adora as much as I do, and all the help you did in creating such a fun birthday for our baby. =)  I love you.*

*Thank you to all our family and guests for joining us- she absolutely loves her presents!*

After Range’s family photo shoot, he decided to keep it chill and was thinking of strategic plans to dominate some of the challenges.

Adora was greeted by her bestfriend-neighbor Marley, whom koko have had the pleasure of meeting during his last visit.

Followed were the ever so cutesy Tira and Toffee who had on such cool outfits!

Adora is taking a break and soaking in the fun in the sun.  It was a perfect day for a Pooch birthday BBQ!
Let the games begin!  First winner for Best Costume goes to Bruna!!!  Special thanks to our lovely judges- who provided scores for our participants. (Using Uno cards of course!)

Next was our Best REcall race-  and the Winner was Range!  As you can see he was in the lead!
Next game was “Walking on a loose leash”  Winner was Skunk! (The Shih tzu in the b&w sweatshirt  kissing the other Shih Tzu Tira.)As you can tell, Adora needs to work on her loose leash walking.  =)Next was the “Best Trick”  Range dominated as he gave “Dap” along with a few other awesome tricks such as Adding!  Amazing!The last and ultimate game was “Staying the longest” which was won by one of the most patient and sweetest pooch I know, Bruna!
Happy Birthday to you… Happy Birthday to you…  Happy birithday dear Adora….  Happy Birthday to you!
Thanks for all the presents and the love! We love you!!!  =)

Look, feel, remember~let


Range had so much fun that he knocked out when he got home!! LOL

omg! what a cool party your fur-baby had…that is so super awesome! Belated happy bday to your pretty doggie :o)

Fun day! I loved all the goodies! Best party ever. Thank you Adora. Have a wonderful year!

Adora, is soooooo Adorable!!!!! we sure love her!!!! my apo!

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