She met him at a lounge.  DNA lounge to be exact.  She’s heard of him because he was well known for his dancing abilities, “breaking” to be précised.  When she finally got the chance to say something to him, she stated, “Show me what everybody’s been talking about…”

He was someone who wasn’t impressed by many girls although there were many who admired him for his talent and his charm.  But when he met her, her notable remark stuck out and made him want to know more…

He spent days trying to get in touch, and although he wasn’t her priority from the start, he impressed her with his persistence and kind heart.  Being impressed and being a priority became apparent on their first date, until now, and the rest of their lives.

Al and Erma, thank you so much for trusting me with one of your most important day of your lives.  Your relationship warms my heart~love you both!

Look, feel, remember…


p.s.  Thank you to lovey for all your help.

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