When I asked Matt to write the review for my one year anniversary I was in relief, although I managed to grow some…. and penned my own, he still wrote one and it’s love like this that I am forever grateful for.  I am so lucky and just loved…  If I get to look at this guy during my gigs- then I’m thrice as fortunate!  Thanks for everything lovey.  I love you.

If Letlove Photography was a child, it would now be able to babble two or three words repeatedly.

(guest posted on the Letlove Photography blog)

Letlove Photography is turning one. Hard to believe that it’s been only one short year from its inception to its current experienced status as family portrait, maternity, engagement, and wedding photographer. What makes it incredible is that Letlove Photography is a company of just one person, meaning that if Let is not driving the thing, nothing happens. There is no forward momentum, no passing the buck, no collection of gears and levers that will do the work for her with minimal effort expended – she is the machine, just her, on the computer or behind a lens, pushing herself and her craft to more powerful places. A funny blog post or a beautiful print don’ t say anything about the hours of work she has invested learning all aspects of photography, digital imaging, portraiture, event planning, wedding coordination, public relations, marketing, and business law.

There are two moments from the last whirlwind year that will always stand out to me, and they may be kind of strange ones, but they definitely illustrate the soul of Letlove Photography.

The first was a late night in a Starbucks parking lot where we had arranged to meet two friends. That night, Let sold one of her prized Chanel handbags in order to fund the purchase of an upgraded camera body and lens. The transaction was not without sadness and occasional regret, but what amazed me and made it stick in my mind so vividly was the steadfast resolution in her voice when she said that this was a necessary step to pursue this dream she had of her own photography business. I knew very well how much she treasured that purse, and the fact that she was able to part with it to take a chance on photography gear was when I was sure that she would be successful. Because it became clear that she would be willing to sacrifice what was necessary to achieve her goals.

The second moment was when two of her friends were getting married, and we happened to be running late. We arrived at the church just in time to see the bride standing alone, about to enter the church before the ceremony. I was still pulling into the driveway going 25 miles per hour, but Let already had her camera adjusted, the door halfway open, and one foot out reaching for the sidewalk. “ Stop the car!” she shouted as I tried to do so safely, and she was gone, shooting to preserve the image she saw in her mind, and afterwards looking back to me triumphantly, camera aloft with the shot safely stored, her eyes gleaming as she called, “ I got it!” I thought to myself that if she can muster this much enthusiasm to photograph as a guest, and love capturing emotions and feelings enough to feel a personal victory every time she does so, she will be a force to be reckoned with in photography.

And really, those who know her best will agree that to be in the same room as Let is to feel her force – she is no shrinking violet. Her excitement nearly vibrates the air around her as she constantly frames angles, gives direction and feedback, and focuses less on the technical aspects of A-B-C photography and more on the vibe that she refers to in her mantra, “ Look, feel, remember.”

For me, that is the toughest part about photography – capturing people looking their best is hard enough, but to do that as well as capturing the feeling of the moment is always challenging. My own photographic tastes tend towards lo-fi photography, toy cameras, and static subjects, so there is less need for attention to detail. I am learning more about that side of photography in my time with Let. I did my own shoot with Let the other day and trying to be the first camera made me respect what she does even more.

Acting as her voice-activated light stand and water-bottle-holder on many of her shoots lets me observe her totally immersed in her art, which is amusing. She gives standard posing cues like “ Tilt your head left, turn towards me a little bit,” alongside stuff like, “ Take a deep breath – did someone fart?” and “ I want you to imagine she’ s been away on a business trip for two weeks and this is the first night you’ ve seen her again,” advice that cracks me up and usually the couple being photographed as well but results in photos that are natural and full of life, rather than stilted. After her shoots, she is usually covered with dirt from laying on the ground and soaked in sweat from giving her all to getting The Shot, the photo that best sums up the love and vitality of her subjects, the beauty of the setting, and the excitement of the day.

To see her come so far in one year has been inspiring; I am excited to see what she has in store for the next!


Very nicely written tribute, Matty! So well deserved, Let! You two are such dynamic people, both as individuals and as a duo. Love you both, lots.

Loved it <3

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