A year and a half into their relationship Ron knew that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Casey.  Ron and Casey planned a date to go out to the winery in Napa, and since it was Casey’s first time, Ron felt it was the perfect opportunity to set the mood and make it official.  However things were not going very smoothly, it started to rain, Casey wanted to leave right away, Ron was hungry and they both were feeling a little grumpy.  In Ron’s mind, he kept thinking to himself that he needed to get his “act” together as this day is suppose to be one of the most exciting time of their lives.  They both agreed to start their day over and once they got to the winery the sun greeted them with romance.  Ron asked her if she loved him and was a bit nervous so he kept asking her.  Casey reassured Ron and before Casey got fed up with comforting her “self-doubting” boyfriend (who was really just super nervous because he was about to pop the question) he says to her, “You have to promise me to wear this for the rest of your life.”  Ron takes out the ring and asked Casey to marry him.

Who knew that a day that started out to be crummy can turn into a beautiful life-changing event?  It was perfect to hear their story and I’m so excited to watch them walk down the aisle!

look, feel, remember…


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