Stephanie had gone to the bowling alley with her family for their traditional get together.  This time it was different because she finally got to talk to the guy she’s been eyeing for quite some time.  Ceejay, a professional bowler, would of course meet the woman he would fall in love with at a bowling alley.

When Ceejay decided that he wanted to marry Stephanie, he asked her to get ready and told her, “Come on, let’s go shopping.” He took her to a jewelry shop and asked her, “Which one do you like?” Stephanie happily played along and chose a ring.  But never in her mind she would think that it would be the day that she would announce that she was engaged.  Congratulations you two!  I had so much fun with you guys and I can’t wait for more!

look, feel, remember…


p.s.  Special thanks to lovey of course.


like ur pics

Couldn’t happen to two better peeps. Very nice pics for a great couple. Congrats.

Congrats to both of you! The pictures are awesome!

Those are totally awesome! I love the pictures!

Steven Villanueva

Congrats!! You two to me are “FAMILY”. Can’t wait for the wedding.

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