Behind a loving man is a strong woman who supports him with everything she has. Behind a happy woman is a man who loves her with all of his heart. Behind an awesome relationship is to have all of these things for each other and it is a bonus when they have such great steelo. ¬†ūüėČ

They met in 1998 at a friend’s birthday party in Daly City, CA. ¬†He drove a black Montero Sport which she absolutely loved. ¬†So when she arrived at the party, (which Elmark and his friends were DJing at the time) ¬†Charize yelled out, “who’s Montero Sport is this?!” ¬†Elmark approached her and proudly said it was his. ¬†He later offered Charize a Milano cookie and that just did it for her; placing each other’s mark in their memory. ¬†Years of friendship and through life’s unpredictable changes, the universe aligned their stars realizing that they were destined to be together.

Charize and Elmark, thank you for having such a great time with me. I love your energy and I can’t wait to see you guys for your wedding VERY soon!


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