I had such a fantastic time with Chelsea and BJ out in the gorgeous light, celebrating the upcoming joy in their lives.  It was pretty smooth meeting these two and we were having fun until my camera froze… Yes… the one day (in a very long time) that Matt was not there to assist me, the universe wanted to test my ability to maintain my composure as I muttered, “ ummmm… let’s take a 5 minute break.”  Chelsea and BJ respectfully nodded with agreement and puzzled as to why this photographer decides to “take a break” after 10 minutes into shooting.

OK, well there was one of two things I can do, either freak out and run, or just tell them the truth that I have no idea what the heck was going on with my camera, as it decided to stop snapping away…  Looooovey!!!!  HELP!!!  (I scream inside my head while a soundtrack of suspense made my heart beat to its sounds).   So… I told them the truth.

After the longest two minutes, I decided to ask them if it would be possible that they would wait for 20 minutes while I run home to get my other camera. (Yes, the camera Matt specifically told me to bring just in case something happens to my first camera)…Oh the silly optimist me… What could possibly go wrong???  Then brilliant BJ recommends to “Google” this thing called “what the hell is wrong with my camera, why does it keep saying fEE????

Stop sweating Let… Keep smiling Let…  Google it Let!!!  And lo and behold- the ANSWER on Yahoo….  If you’re curious here is the link:

AAAh! Why does my camera keep saying fEE error?

I held my breath as I followed directions and closed my eyes – opening them wishing that it was only a dream…. Nope…

Smile Let….  Then amazingness happened (yes I know that is a made up word and I do this often so please if I offend you then I’m sorry).

It worked.

You know how “they say” every cloud has a silver lining?  Well I hope that the silver lining proves itself in these photos.

Chelsea and BJ, I’m thrilled for the both of you.  Thank you for sharing your excitement and your love in front of my camera and for trusting me.  Xo

Look, feel, remember…

Special thanks to Google, Yahoo Answers, and BJ of course for being such a genius…

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