I met Chris a couple of years ago when he reached out to me for Real Estate headshots and we developed a friendship along the way.  I learned he has a big heart and we share the same values with holding the highest standard in our profession with valuing our clients and being sure that we give them lots of TLC through their process and beyond.  To top it off, were both WARRIOR FANS! When he reached out to me again, he wanted to do more professional shots but this time with a beautiful woman whom I can tell he is completely smitten with. They both decided to build a Chris and Marina Team and off the bat, Marina’s energy was contagious and I can see that this was going to be “IT” for Chris. Month’s later, Chris reaches out to me with more of a serious tone, he said he bought a ring and needed to quickly figure out how he can make sure that the moment will be captured. Immediately my heart was celebrating for him and was overwhelmingly honored to be a part of this!

Talking back and forth with Chris got me nervous, excited, and overall swimming in my heartfelt emotions. “ I am nervous, I just want everything to be perfect” said Chris. Little did he know I was thinking the same thing, but as a professional, I needed to make sure I helped reassure him and that we planned everything right! Being the fact that he had important reservations for a specific date that was unmovable, we took the gamble in hopes that the rain would stop for just enough time to allow him to have his moment and ask one of the most important questions of his lifetime. Trying to prep Chris was easy, we had the location set, all the way down to how he will signal me before he pops the question (he was suppose to hug her to cue me). Leading to the final moment, everything went blurry for him and he did what he needed to get done… He get’s to a spot nearby (on the other side of where we originally planned) and (w/out any cues) He knelt down with abandonment and it was… exactly the way it needed to happen… Imperfectly Perfect.



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