They met at a mutual friend’s event. A bar to be exact. Dan saw Cynthia and made his way to charm her with his outgoing social skills. Being that Cynthia is the complete opposite, she was drawn to Dan’s ability to make her laugh and his wittiness won her over (and it helped that he was good looking too! ;)). They were inseparable since then. Fast forward August 2012; Dan swept Cynthia away for a weekend with an amazing dinner at the Cavallo Point lodge.  It was there where he nervously asked for her hand in marriage and perfected the night with a beautiful ring on her finger.

Cynthia and Dan, I love how subtle you show your love for each other but as I spent the day with the both of you, I discovered that when Dan does or say something funny, Cynthia lights up.  When Cynthia’s eyes sparkle, it is when Dan is most at ease.  It was very sweet. Thanks for allowing me to see that and capturing it for you. I adore you both!




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