They are both simple and shy folks.  They both love to hang out with their family and friends; otherwise enjoy a Redbox night at home.  Dee describes her relationship with Flo as being opposites and can be far from perfect but it’s who they are which in my opinion is part of a key ingredient to a lasting relationship. Dee continues on to say, because of the imperfection, we constantly grow and learn from each other.  Flo is a sports fanatic. He’ll watch every single sport there is to watch and recently picked up the game of golf.  Dee enjoys going to games with Flo and tries to learn and bond with him. She enjoys going to live shows and even though they both have different taste in music he also goes to support her.  They both have a love for their 9 year old dog, Shane and when you see him in the photos, you will absolutely fall in love too!  🙂

As much as Dee is modest about her relationship with Flo, I see a different story.  I see a couple who’s love has evolved to a beautiful friendship, a natural adoration, and passion expressing a beautiful balance.  Dee & Flo, thank you for sharing your story with me!



“Flo is the rock/strength in our relationship and I’m the one who always wants to hold hands.”- Dee
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