Where I lay…

April 29, 2011

I strolled into a field surrounded by native trees all of them representing a life that’s unique to their own.  I noticed one who is tall, lean and rugged, darker than other trees, beautiful, young and still exploring.  Another that is wild, extended, broad and almost overwhelming with its leaves and maturity but nevertheless playful.  One in particular had sheen; it has a natural gleam even in pitch dark.  It was in between stages, smooth but with rough edges, not painful to the touch but is a sign of growing pains. It was average in length, quiet and full of possibilities. Its limbs were strong, built to survive the harsh winds and winter air.  It’s rooted with enough leaves to provide blooms and shelter.  It was there I decided to rest, where I carved my name in a heart, and where I planted my life.

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