I spend my days with a goal to make people’s lives better, either by listening, talking and documenting them by photographs or writing about them.  Once in a while I have days where the beauty of documenting can be sad but still worth sharing.  Forgive my grammar as I am not a writer.

It was a semi dim room, blinds down, filled with items, and knick-knacks collected for keepsakes or gifts from people in his past that were placed neatly aside.  To prevent clutter, it’s been years that he’s been asked to give these things away but it remains surrounding him with comfort.  There was a folding chair and next to it was his bed where he laid.  He was fairly groomed, and wore a thin, white t-shirt almost faded into nothing giving a glimpse of his pale skin.  He remained in his bed, and apologized for not being able to properly give a greeting.  He smiled as he was approached but he continued looking down hoping that the feeling of shame, or perhaps pain would disappear.  

 With his available energy he charmingly gave a compliment.  He acknowledged the support and respectfully partook in the conversation, “You might want to consider a nursing facility so that you can be better cared for.”   He gasped for a deep breath.  He lightheartedly said, “Once I’m better I will take you out to lunch, and I can buy you a plant.”  In his eyes there was a life filled with history and wisdom- only he knew what was best for him.  “I want to stay home, I don’t need to go.”   He closed his eyes and it was evident that his recent stay at the hospital has taken a toll on him. 

 He survived the knife for the second time in hopes that he would have another chance.  He fought to stay.  He described of hearing, feeling, and envisioning of its poisoned return, and he sensed that Cancer is back.  Cancer has walked with him for years and they are still walking together down to his last lap.

 His mind had become distant however with enough courage and strength again he said, “I want to stay home.” The sirens were loud and the room was filled with urgency.  He had become disoriented, dreaming and quiet; this time there was no more walking.  He was home.

~look, feel, remember


P.S. Below is a photo that may have some significance.  Thanks for reading!


Absolutely beautiful. Tears are streaming down my face as I write this. You are an awesome person, and no doubt great at your job. God bless his soul, and yours. XOXO

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