I did it…

July 14, 2010

So I sent it out. Finally… my website… It’s out… for eveyone to see… oh my gosh… hmmmm…. deep breathe… another one….. and…. maybe one more… ok. i’m ok. no matter what, i did it! i actually did it!
i am proud.

it’s time to start shooting! =)


aaawww kris! i can’t wait to shoot those two! miss you!

I’m so proud of you, the site and the photos couldn’t be more gorgeous! You have such a talent which speaks from your big heart! Can’t wait to formally hire you to take pictures…I’m thinking Becca and her new bro/sis!!

Beautiful Lileth, what an expression of your authentic gift! I can relate to this whole process of bringing this to life.

Thanks Myrene!!! I really appreciate that! xoxoxo

Just saw your site and it is super awesome! The pictures are great and I’m sure you’ll get a lot of business 🙂 Best of luck with everything 🙂

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