I wish I had time…

July 24, 2010

I visited w/a friend today and what a great little break from work to be able to catch up and talk about life.  During our conversation I tell him, “I wish I can just go away, have time to just ‘lay’ and not think so much…”   He then stumped me… he says- ‘Wow, so tell me about your photography and why would you start a side business if you wish you had time to go away?’ Ha! I didn’t really have a good answer for that, I just explained how photography was an outlet for me, something creative that provided me with another form of relaxation-meditative almost-(that’s where editing comes in)—blahblahblah….  Then of course… It got me thinking ………….  He was right, why would I add something else onto my plate when I want to just have time to relax?

So as I’m sitting here, a bit baffled— I think—-  maybe it depends on your obligations and what  you want to give your time to… Many people say they don’t have enough time to do anything and I believe that… But I think if you really-really-really want something bad enough, you make time for it.  Somehow.  In regards to photography… I do it because I want to and I’m willing to give up something else so that I have time to do it.  It’s that simple-I guess….  But yet so very hard.  However, his question is so valid and so it deserves another try…  I carry a caseload of 41 mentally ill clients, I have a pooch, and a home to take care of… and of course keeping up w/the family and friends… My days do get filled up- My weekends are booked up until the end of Oct  w/one or two free weekends in between…. So why would I do something that takes away more time from me???

The answer is, well, photography gives me happiness and I guess to me it isn’t about not having time for it, but it’s making time for it because it’s important to me.  Everyone is busy w/their lives, and there’s so much available in this world, so how do you choose?  I guess you choose by what calls on you at this moment, whether if you want to be able to sing in front of a crowd, to the small things like “hang out” at a bar after work or read a book.  It’s not that you lack time, it’s the drive behind time so it can become possible for you.  So for those who absolutely say they really do not have time, maybe all the other things are just not a priority in your life at this moment….here’s to inspiring someone…




oh so very true! I say I don’t have time do this and that but I actually do and sometimes I would just rather use my time for something else. *sigh*

Just make sure you have enough time for alcohol. =)

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