I love being humbled by people, experiences, and things.  It helps me to grow, and it makes me appreciate the beauty of life, and what’s out there that is beyond my own world.  I had a fantastic time meeting such wonderful and talented dancers in the bay area. (SFCR8IVE, Renegade Rockers, All City, Illamentals and the fam).  I was in awe the whole time and how lucky I am to have been the person they asked to photograph these amazing people.  I was taken back by the energy, talent, and just straight up love they had for each other.  It was apparent- they had respect and they were all there to support the Illamental founders: Alfred David and Erma Hill.  Two super cool people who have invested their passion to create some of the funkiest and “illa-est” wardrobe and gears for b-boys, b-girls, and anyone who is a fan of music, particularly hip hop and the world of break dancing.  Below, you will see some of their creations represented by some of the coolest b-boys I’ve ever met, and some of the cutest little b-girls in the making.  Enjoy!

As the breakers wrap up the day to head over to their jam, I was able to capture last minute shots of  a couple b-boys that stuck around until the sun vanished from the sky.

The Illa Mentals Family~


Hella fresh, love the pics!

Thanks for the wonderful shots, they came out amazing!

the pics are amazing.

These pics are beautiful



WOW!! these pics look great!

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