One of the toughest times are when you’re “in it,” and nothing anyone can say or do will make it better. At this moment, I am working on getting out under that dark cloud.  I want to put this out there for those who are going through something difficult, you are not alone.  And yes, it freakin’ sucks.

Please note, I am not a writer nor do I claim to be one. These are my thoughts that I decide to share and I am sorry if I offend you in anyway.


Waves hover my entire being and I’ve been submerged into the unknown. I fight to stay grounded. I can no longer feel the support under my feet. I am flooded by my fears. I paddle for air. I’m almost there and I finally get a sense of relief. But the waves return for its purpose, stealing the feeling of ground underneath me once more, this time with vengeance. I fight with every muscle, every tear, and I searched for anything that come across to hold on to. My fingers slipping as I gripped harder to what I feel that can only save me. I let go knowing I am no longer in control. I began to swim with the waves and no longer is it angry. It’s finally subsided. I am drained and I yearn for refuge. The current brings me towards light. Warm like the sun, it hits me inside and it spreads into my veins, reaching my mind and I am able to feel the depth of my breath. I thrive for energy and hope. I am riding the seas to my destiny, still searching for stillness, prepared for the next surge. I am floating because of love.

I thank those that love me and have been there every step of the way.


On another note, I found this on Pinterest and is such a great reflection of what I am doing for myself at this point in my life… (follow me!)

“nurture your inner growth”


Things can always be worse, it doesn’t mean that the hardship we go through is not scary or that it doesn’t hurt.  But it helps when I’m reminded that things are not permanent and there are many things that I can be grateful for.LAUGH.

Thanks to The Five Year Engagement I am obsessed with the song Cucurrucucu Paloma – Chris Pratt; it’s beautiful and this movie is a knee slapper.  (Did I describe that right?)  You know, when it’s so funny that you slap your knee while laughing hysterically?… Ya, that’s what I mean.

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