I have the absolute pleasure of sharing these pictures of Jay and Tina and their sweet bun in the oven because it is such an exciting time for these two first time parents. There are many people in this world who show emotions quite easily (there should be an arrow pointing at me right about now) however this couple (whom I’ve known for over a decade) is a tad more private. So when Tina reached out and wanted to hire me for their maternity shoot I didn’t hesitate to be a part of such an intimate transition. I knew that it would also be an opportunity for me to witness such a sentimental milestone in becoming first time parents. When they put their guard down, you see nothing but beauty in their eyes, their touch, smile, and in their future.

Jay and Tina, thank you for having faith in what I do and letting me be creative with your love. It’s not very often you share your raw moments with the world but I’m so glad you did. Xo

look, feel, remember…


p.s. special thanks to lovey for all that you do. xx


Let… these are beauuuuuutiful!! Your pictures are perfection, girl. Tina & Jay aren’t bad, either. Hahah! Kidding. They’re glowing… this is such a perfect shoot – especially the belly ones. What a fun & creative idea!! These are just amazing. Love Love Love them. LOVE them.

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