The summer of 1994 is when Gerome first took notice of Jeannette at the Excelsior library in San Francisco. He couldn’t stop thinking of her, so when he had the opportunity to see her again, he nervously followed her around the mall and was finally introduced by their mutual friends. They became connected and were on the phone for hours on end. After two months of being freshmans in high school, Gerome wanted to make it official by surprising her with a blue stuffed animal duck and in front of it was a single rose and a note that asked, “Will you be my girlfriend? Check yes or no…”

I was aaaaawwing and gushing listening to their story. Gerome looked down bashfully and stated, “yah it was so dorky,” while Jeannette grinned from ear to ear. Seventeen years later, they still manage to look and laugh at each other lovingly.

They are the epitome of high school sweethearts and I sensed such a connection and security. Gerome had explained that he already knew what ring to get her and when the right ring became available, he bought it without hesitation and that same day he proposed.

He turned on the song, “Marry me” by Train to set the mood. Gerome comes out of their bedroom and asked “Do you like this song?” Jeannette unsuspectingly replied, “Oooh I like this song” then he slyly asked her to go into their bedroom. “Come here, I have something to show you.” Jeannette goes into the room and placed in the middle of their bed was the blue duck carrying the ring and immediately she was put into tears. Excited, she said, “Really? Really?!” She turned around and she sees Gerome on his knee, his words were broken, tears were running down his face, and it was clear what he was asking from her.

They both modestly laughed while they shared their story. My eyes wear tearing as I watch them both light up, and excitedly tease one another as Gerome continued to deny and say “there were no tears- I don’t know what you’re talking about!” Matt with a huge grin on his face comforts him and tells him “it’s ok, this is a safe place,” and we all broke down laughing.

I am in love with their love and for them to choose me to document such an important day is going to be so special because THEY’RE special. I can’t wait!!!

*Special Thanks to The Champ for all your assistance as always… *

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amazing photos! love their sweet love story! 🙂

These pictures look great! I can’t wait to see what you’ll bring to the wedding 🙂

Luv the pics!! Congrats again…I’m sooo happy for the both of you!

These photos are absolutely stunning. The photos tell a beautiful story, indicative of the future bride and groom. Great job!

Jeannette and Gerome’s photos are ah-mah-zing! I was already so excited for them getting engaged and soon-to-be-married, now I’m superexcited! Awesome job 🙂 Can’t wait for you to capture their wedding moments 🙂

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