Bella is going to be her name and I think her parents named her perfectly.  This gorgeous couple is expecting their first daughter together and she is going to be beautiful.  The name says it all.

Neen and Gabe.  I had such an awesome time making such precious memories for both of you.  You two are going to be wonderful parents!  Just seeing you both be so sweet and caring towards each other is a sign of how your baby girl is going to be.  Thanks for letting me be a part of this process.  Love you guys!  =)

look, feel, remember…

Special thanks to the man who gives me light.  Both literally and soulfully…



awesome pictures, loved the tennis shoes

GORGEOUS pictures for the GORGEOUS couple!! Love them… Can’t wait to finally meet Baby Bella Gianna..Im sure she’ll be just as BEAUTIFUL!! love you guys

Photos are beautiful. It truly captures the spirit of this moment for you guys~

Love the pics, can’t wait until the little one gets here! CONGRATS!!!!!!

Wow praise God for these beautiful pictures! Jeneen and Gabe – you guys are a wonderful and beautiful couple and I know baby Bella is just going to add more beauty to your family. Love you guys and thank the Lord we get to share in your blessings. -JJ

Congratulations! You guys have some really nice pictures!

beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!

You did a great job Let! You guys are glowing! As always Neen you are beautiful.

Awesome pictures guys! Big Congrats Gabe & Jeneen and God Blessed always!!!

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

Amazing pictures Let! Congratulations Gabe and Neen!

Awesome pics you guys! Let&Matt – your dope!

Beautiful photos! Congratulations Jeneen and Gabe!

Amazing pictures! They’re all my favorites! Can’t wait to meet my niece….

Beautiful pics!!

Beautiful pics guys! Neen, you look Gorgeous!!!!! Pregnancy suits you well. =) As always, amazing job Let. I always enjoy looking at your work.

Dope photos! Your work is amazing!
Congrats Gabe & Jeneen!!!

Looking good-great pictures. Mom is anxious to come out and spend some quality time with you all.



The pictures are gordeous. Thanks for taking the memorable pictures Letlove photography.Excelent job on the pictures.I cant wait to meet my granddaughter.

Simplicity speaks volume! I love every angle of your beautiful family! These lovely pictures are just glimpses of God’s blessings that will surely be experienced soon! I love every image captured here. I love you guys!

Awesome pics Neen and Gabe!

Amazing pics!!!! I am so excited for you both and cant wait to meet Bella. Jeneen you are glowing and look beautiful. 🙂

You both look so relaxed!! Love the pictures… 🙂

Lovely couple, inside & out 🙂

Beautiful pics!!! I’m loving the different takes. You guys look great in these pics. The lighting is perfect. I especially like the photos where Neen is twirling the the parasol!!!

My kids, I love all the pictures.Your friend is so talented. My grand daughter will be blessed because of her loving parents. I love you both and of course Alex and Bella>

The photo’s are wonderful and brother Gabe is so blessed, may God keep your family under his guiding arms and keep your family safe as always…. God bless ,,,, “Great Pictures”

These pictures are amazing! Thank you for sharing them.

Nice shots guys! gave you preggo too lol jk? That one where yall got stomaches touching is hella funny

Beautiful pictures… did a wonderful job! I will definitely look you up , next time I need a photographer. I like that’s its not the regular poses that you see.;-)

Congrats Jeneen & Gabe!

Awesome photo shoot! Picture #5 from top was my favorite!
Bella, she will be the newest 600LB(s) baby! =)


Let ~ We just want to thank you for the amazing job you did on our photo shoot!!! The photos turned out beautifully and we couldn’t ask for more!!! As I’ve always said….you are an amazing person…inside and out…and it shows in your work! And thank you to Matt for giving us sunshine that day even though the weather didn’t call for it! 😉 Thank you for your kind words and for creating these memories that we’ll be able to share for a lifetime!!! Love u as my sister…always! <3 Neen

wow!!!! i love all the pics!!!!!!!! let, i can’t express enough how talented you are! love, love, love!!!!

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