Can you imagine planning a wedding in a week?  If your answer is no—well, neither can I…  But this amazing couple did and thanks to her family and closest relatives and friends; they made their beautiful day happen.  In a few days notice, 50 of her closest family and friends managed to be there from different parts of the world.  Some guests were missed but love was felt through their words, praises, and acknowledgements. While getting all the details from Jenn prior to the wedding she repeatedly said to me, “it’s going to be just a simple wedding.”  However, what I witnessed throughout the day, I saw that it was as grand, as any wedding, at any size or traditions because it was filled with people that love them.  The event was sweet and it only got sweeter.

click here for teaser post~Jenn&Tony


great pics! Luv the pic of the bride’s smile as she’s walking up to her groom and also Luv the pic of the groom waiting for his bride 🙂 and ummm…a wedding in a week?!?!?!? I dunno ’bout that one. I think I’d be OK with is but the Hubs would be a total mess since he’s a groomzilla…LoL!

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