When Karen contacted me for a family photo shoot because they were visiting for a week from Chicago, I was excited that they wanted to take a day out of their vacation time to be in front of my camera. When she mentioned that she and her children wanted to do something fun and unusual I was thrilled! Although I had never met them before, I felt as if I’ve already known them for many years. Karen sent me this zombie inspired shoot by an amazing photographer based in L.A.; Amanda Rynda and wanted to do something similar. I knew I had to take this gig because for all of those who know me well, FUN is what it’s all about! We put our little twist on it and made it their own and each time I look at the photos, I can’t help but laugh aloud and just adore this amazing family.

Karen, Chuck, Spencer, Connor and Gabby- I LOVE you guys! Thank you for such a fantastic time and for bringing such joy and life in front of my camera. You guys are AWESOME!

look, feel, remember…


p.s. Special thank you to my zombie man.


Omg!! Love it! Justin would loooove this too! He’s all about his zombies. Creative idea and I’m sure awesome to execute!

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