What a pleasure for me to be able to have these guys in front of my camera once again, but only this time around, they have their newest addition to the family, little handsome Dylan.  The family walks in, calm and there was an essence of newness, and overall sweetness.  It was the sight of Kylie’s face that displayed so much pride as a big sister, the touch of Drew’s hand trying to comfort him while he soothes him back to sleep and the look of a mother while holding him in her arms.  It was all very new but somehow they have fallen into a certain role that has created a new dynamic in their family.  It was delightful and I’m so happy that I got to witness this.

Kat and Drew, thank you so much for the opportunity to capture your family.  I am so happy for you all and I can’t wait to continue documenting these special moments for you.

Look, feel, remember…


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