When I first met Kat, Drew, and Kylie I can tell that they have a certain connection with each other.  They have a quiet bond and can be seen when they are not aware that they are being observed.  Shy, and filled with unspoken excitement; when it came down to talking about the arrival of Dylan- Kylie lit up and their eyes sparkled with emotions that was raw and beautiful to witness.

Kat, Drew, and Kylie, thank you for allowing me to document this next journey in your lives.  The way Kylie responds to her new role, as a big sister is priceless.  The way Drew made Kat laugh was comforting and the way they both look at each other when thinking of their upcoming baby was love.  I appreciate your faith in me and I hope these pictures will remind you of how you felt leading up to one of the most beautiful moments in your lives.

Look, feel, remember…


P.S.  Super thankful for all your help Lovey.  I appreciate you so much.

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