I had the honor of shooting this beautiful little girl and her family/friends, on a milestone occasion in the beautiful Novato Hills… Her parents hired me because she saw some pictures that I have done for a friend of mine, and how lucky I am that she loved them.
Turning one, hmmmm… I’ve heard some say, what’s the big deal? The baby won’t even remember this anyway? Not having children myself, I actually tuned into what they had to say… However, this experience changed all that for me and YES, it got me thinking…. It doesn’t have to be just the baby’s 1st bday, but I also believe it’s a celebration between families and the support that they have given each other, the 1st year of making the transition successfully and of course Kristina. It was great to watch all of this, w/the pony rides, farm animals, to games, and of course a Jumpy house! To the great food, alcohol (just for the adults of course), to seeing friends/families who you haven’t seen all year. This was a celebration of life and it was beautiful.

Kristina was such a trooper, even at the 90 degree heat, and her sleepy eyes, she played along and was patient w/everything that was happening around her. Kristina’s mom and dad hosting the event, making sure that everyone was having a good time, I can see that their love for Kristina goes way beyond themselves, and at the same time is able to have moments to give each other a kiss or a smile…  It was a beautiful day, and I’m so happy that I got to be a part of it.

So again…. what’s the use- the baby won’t remember it anyway???  Well……. That’s why they hired me! =)

Look, feel, remember…



great pics 🙂 and this baby will definitely remember her 1st bday thanks to the wonderful pics from you 🙂

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