Let is based in the San Francisco, Bay Area and is available for travel. Weddings, Portraits, Commercial/Events



My name is Lileth “Li-let” and Letlove’s aesthetics are defined with the aspects of love, commitment and gratitude. I believe love is the very source of what allows us to live life with purpose and is what I aim to capture in those moments for you.  I understand the work it takes to invest in someone that will capture your special milestones; so I am grateful for the consideration and opportunity to share in your moments. I believe that a connection with your photographer and their craft is very important.  I aim for experience and connection because that is exactly what is needed to be able to tell your story that is uniquely yours.  -letlove

Lileth (aka Let) started her photography business in 2012.  Her interests for people, art, and storytelling has allowed her to evolve her brand into Letlove Photography.  With the aesthetics of Letlove, she found that through capturing people’s stories, she had found her niche in the world of photography.  This experience has allowed her to touch people’s lives as well as hers.  Let aims to make sure that your experience with her will be meaningful, fun, and exceeds your photographic needs.  Let is a hugger, but she takes no offense if you’d rather give her a high five.  Adora (her fur baby) is the tickle in her heart, so she welcomes and encourages you to include your furry family!  She loves all types of music and if the beat is on, then you will find her moving to it.  She enjoys playing basketball, dancing, eating, and being around great company.  She is eager to learn and strives to improve everyday.  She is a sap when it comes to love stories and is usually holding back tears when her couple recite their vows.  If you want to feel valued, have a good time, while feeling safe and confident that you will have the best photos for your day, then she’s the one.