If there is one thing I know for sure is that a child can bring togetherness and unconditional love that a mother and father cannot fully explain or express.  Los and Mary have been together for over a decade and in these years, they have found a different level of love when Paita was brought into this world.  I have watched these two go through many challenges but they had their devotion, love and Paita to guide them through.  I have not seen Paita since he was a baby and he has grown up into a 12 year old in a little 3 year old body!  He is so witty, curious, funny and charming!  Paita asked so many questions and at moments he would engage in grown up conversation; I caught myself leaning my head side ways with amusement.  My favorite part of the shoot was when his mother wanted to change his shirt into a white and blue striped polo shirt.  He stated, ” But I don’t want to look like a zebra!”

Los, Mary, & Paita, thank you for letting me in your world.  I am so excited for what is in store for your future and I can’t wait to document them!  I love you guys!

look, feel, remember…

~let xx

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