I had a great time shooting today w/Irina, Alex, their upcoming pride and joy, and of course their pooch Blake…. Here are some teasers… more to come… =)


p.s. Special thanks to Irina’s sister (Luisa) for the referral!  =)


[…] Irina lets her 9 month old puppy Blake inside, a beautiful boxer and very spunky I might add.  Off the bat, I took a few shots of Irina and the belly, while I ducked and moved away from Blake because he wanted to romp.  I must say, I was quite impress w/myself because I managed to not knock anything down, or fall flat on my face when Blake decided to stomp on my back.  I managed to have taken some cools shots and I may give Blake some credit on this since he kept me moving!  =)  (see teaser post) […]

oooh, teasers are great! can’t wait to see the rest 🙂

[…] Or you’re on a treadmill at midnight.  Earlier today was geocaching with the folks and the dogs – 2/3 finds, 0/2 bugs.  Then met up with Letlove Photography for a maternity shoot in South SF.  That girl is good. […]

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