Mel is known for his street art starting at a very young age doing graffiti and etching anywhere he possibly could.  After years of tenacity in his art, he was discovered and has accomplished so much in the industry.  This guy is unbelievably talented… He recently picked up an apprenticeship not so long ago in tattooing and a few weeks later, he was tattooing on himself and just recently have done a piece on Matt; who’s been itching to get one for a couple of years now… Matt had an idea in his head but struggled to get the image just exactly as he wanted. When he heard that Mel picked up a needle to create art… Well, he just left it up to Mel to piece everything together and of course Mel made it look DOPE!  As his first piece, I say this guy has got MAD SKiLLz!!!   Geez, this guy has so much talent pouring out of him~ I am excited to share him w/the world!

To view his art please visit his site:

To get connected w/him for some Tatt~  Dean’s Headquarters~


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