How does it get hotter than shooting at 108 degrees? Shooting a Hot couple that is! Haha… ok forgive me for being a bit corny, but really, they are gorgeous! Not only was it blazing, but for these two to brave it out in the heat is very impressive and I am so thankful for their graciousness. It was clear in what tone they have set for the day, and it was all about being relaxed, romantic, and lots of laughter. Although the best man opted not to share his stories because he couldn’t pick one out of the many, he did remind everyone that it only took two seconds for Mike to notice Razia, and the Matron of honor jokingly corrects him and says,“one second.” Everyone laughed as they agreed, while Mike turned to Razia and they both exchanged “the look” — of love perhaps? or “bedroom eyes?” whatever it was, it was warm, sweet, given all day, and lasted all night.

Razia, you are so beautiful, and Mike your heart and dance moves can melt any girl away! I’m so thankful and love you both!

Look, feel, remember…


Florist: Bloomies- Megan Bayles
DJ: DJ Rue Hefner
Wedding coordinators/planners: Gerry Manha at St. Michaels; Kristy at Dublin Ranch
Caterer: Dublin Ranch
Cake: Cake Delights
Hair and Makeup: Vy at Exquisite Faces Livermore

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