For the longest time I’ve tried to figure out ways on how to create this ideal relationship with my mother.  Like all relationships, it’s not perfect.  There were stolen years without my mom, and as a child it was not as easy as I had portrayed it to be.  Not really understanding the depth of the circumstances, I reached out to all kinds of resources to try and make sense of it all.  I got to a point in my mind that I can never have what I wanted- which was the past…   Coming in to terms that life is not “normal,” and with everyone involved; we did the best we could with what limitations or opportunities we have.  However, I have to admit that I really lucked out with mine.  It hasn’t been easy, but I do know that I love my mom and she loves me.  I am a very lucky person at that.  She is a wonderful woman, strong, loyal, funny, and just beautiful-every bit of her.

I shot Michelle and Anthony’s wedding this past weekend and heard a song that I couldn’t stop playing in my head. The song was used for their father/daughter dance (and I’m borrowing it).  They played the instrumental/violin version which made it even sweeter.  Maybe it is why it touched me even more and maybe it will touch you too.  (I couldn’t find the exact song on video. If you want to go further into searching, I found it on Itunes by The Music Themes).

Close your eyes, blast it and just feel it…

For mom.  Listen

Happy Mother’s day!

look, feel, remember…


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