Neil and Yuka came down to meet me by the lake in SF, w/their bikes and was dressed as them, naturally laid back depicting their relationship as natural and raw as they are.  I’ve known their relationship for many years now and when I found out they were getting married, I cried….  It was fun to watch them display their affection for each other because it’s rare to see them in PDA mode.  I was able to capture some of their flirtatiousness and fun-airy ways, however with or w/out PDA, you can see that they love each other.  Congratulations you two!

I’m SO looking forward to the big day!  First up, Hawaii!!!  =)

look,feel,remember…. ~letlove


AAAAAwwww! THanks guys! love you too! xoxoxo

The thing about Let’s photography is that it captures the natural beauty of what’s true. And it always has a story plot, no matter how small. It reflects Let’s understanding of what matters most to people and she definitely brings that out through her lens. Thanks for taking these shots Let. You truly have talent capturing what’s important in your pictures. We love you!

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