These two are the cutest and most loving little boys I’ve met in a long time. It was a pleasure spending the day w/them because they crack me up!  I will be shooting their portraits in a few weeks and I’m so excited that I get to see them again really soon. I watched Lucas participate in his soccer class and graduate his level. His prize… a certificate of achievement and a DONUT! That’s right, the simplest enjoyment came from a donut and he was downright focus.

Afterwards we got to hang out w/his older brother Nico who is so sweet, and an athletic kid. He just turned 5 years old and can handle a man’s basketball, with no problem. He swings his light saber at his pops and sweats for victory. Nico refused to take off his star wars long sleeve because he is a big boy. It was such a fun visit and I’m looking forward to shooting the rest of the fam-bam! More pictures to come, for now please enjoy these sneak peeks!

look, feel, remember…~letlove


Hi Let and Matt, The pictures of Nico and Lucas look fantastic! They are very artistic, full of personality, and very cute. You are an awesome photographer. Looking forward to hanging out again.

Thank you so much Tania, the pleasure was all mine. The boys may have been shy, but they made it so easy for me because they are just too darn adorable! Can’t wait to see you guys again! xoxoxo

Mye, I can always count on your support. Thank you. =) xoxoxo

the pic of Lucas with the donut is awesome, makes me want a donut now 🙂 and the pic of the 2 bros just sitting and looking the other way is prolly my fave…*high five*

It was wonderful to see you and Matt yesterday, after almost 4 years! You are a beatiful couple. You look just as happy and in love as you did when you first met — more actually. I’m so proud of you!

And these pictures are amazing. Usually our boys are so shy and hate taking pictures. But you have an extraordinary ability to connect with children. You really made them feel comfortable. They were just being themselves and you were able to capture their real personalities. Thank you!! I can’t wait for our official photo shoot!

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