San Francisco is a city filled w/tons of interesting people, places, and things… It’s almost like a Catchall. Feel like having something to eat from a different country? Well, pick one; I’m sure you’ll find a place that will meet your craving. I’ve been based in SF for more than 8 years and every day something new opens my eyes and I think to myself…. (No- NOT “it’s a wonderful world”) but YES, a wonderful city- full of surprising things…. I was driving to meet w/my client and I stopped at a red light beside a hydraulic red truck; a low rider blasting his music as if there was a parade going on. I looked to my right and I just thought, wow, that is some major system he’s got going on- then I look to my left and I see people who live on the streets crossing against the green light (like moths being hypnotized by light) dancing w/reckless abandon.   It was a sight to see and I was dying to not have had my camera on me.  I wanted to keep watching but eventually my light turned green. I get to my client’s elevator and I noticed a sign.  (No, not the kind of sign that I’ve been asking for so that I can make a decision in which I can thank the higher power) A sign that have an image of a stick draw man spitting w/a slash across stating “Notice-No Spitting.” For some reason, this amused me quite a bit that I started laughing at the idea of someone wanting to spit in an elevator.  But this is San Francisco- anything can happen right? I took a picture of it on my dingy phone camera just so I had proof that I wasn’t lying…  Below, you will find that image.  I had to actually call my brother and ask him to email me the image because his IPhone4 is far greater and kicks my phone’s a$$!  (Thanks Wyatt!)I finished my visit and on my way back to my office, I find myself again, sitting in front of a red light. I watched a couple start to make their way on the cross walk while their dog decided to start defecating in the middle of Sutter and Polk street. Embarrassed, the owners picked up their pooch and ran while little brown turds trail their way across the street. It was such a funny thing to watch and I never thought how it can be any funnier but to my pleasant surprise, a driver yells at the man saying, “Hey! Pick up your shit!” Perhaps a Good Samaritan?
We. just. don’t. know.Happy Friday people!!!


Howdy, seeing this page makes me think that You are an interesting person.

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