It was yet another gorgeous day in the Novato Hills and yet another 1st Birthday to celebrate.  Elizabeth is a beautiful little birthday girl.  She is the younger one of the two siblings and what an amazing, great looking family they are.  When Elizabeth woke up from her nap and came out to meet her guests, it was a riot!  All the kids ran up and her older sister proudly came over, picked her up and kissed her happy birthday.  It was a very sweet moment and I was glad I was able to capture it.  They had a “Princess theme” Jumpee House and Mickey and Minnie came to entertain.  It was a house packed with kids (beautiful little kids) and I was in heaven.   Elizabeth’s mother and father were excited to celebrate such a milestone and it was such a pleasure to watch them be so proud and loving towards their children.  There was some de-li-cious food and I swear if I wasn’t working, I would have had thirds!  The families that came were fun, and embracing people.  It was definitely a celebration and a warm, loving environment.  Thanks for letting me be a part of it!  Happy Birthday Elizabeth!


awesome pictures

awwwww, love the pictures :] and the bday girl is too cute! oh and what kind of cake was that? hehe, looks yummy!

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