I received a text from Razia saying, “I don’t think I can pull off the sexy-soaked-in rain look.”

NOW… if you take a look at the photos of her, I truly do NOT agree because she is such a gorgeous lady who is with a stud who loves every bit of her hotness.

When the day of the new appointment came, it was the same scenario, but this time we decided to tackle the rain whether it came or not!  However, only drizzles and misty rain drops glazed us towards the end of our shoot so I’m afraid there is no rainy images and I have to save the “sexy-soaked-in rain look” shoot for a “rainy day.”  (Hahaha! I know… even sometimes I roll my eyes at myself-sorry.)

Rain or shine I had no doubt that these two were going to rock it out!  Once I said, “Ok, work it for me,” boy did they get down to Bizzness!  They showed such a fun loving relationship, a sweet partnership that showed a flirtatious closeness. They gave each other a look, a gaze of what we called “bedroom eyes,” and a smile only the two can define within each other.  It was so much fun to photograph, and they were just oozing with love!  Thanks guys for a fantastic shoot!  I can’t wait for your Wedding!!! xoxox

look, feel, remember


P.S.  Special thanks to Matti who thinks plaid is not a “crazy ass” pattern.

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