It all started with the two people above… Then they became four… How beautiful is this family!?  Amazing if you ask me…..  Their kids were just a “mini me” version of the two and I can sense such respect and love all around.  They were a group of goodness and just sweet as can be.  Isaac (Kick) and Lauren were so well behaved and just a joy to photograph, until I gave them each a lollipop.  I took it away for a little while to get a shot and they just couldn’t get their eyes away from the suckers.  Especially Kick.  When I returned it to them there was a bit of conflict as to which one was theirs, and it was evident that when you give kids candy, you NEVER take it back!  What can I say?  I’m still a rookie! =)  The parents kept it fair and they were just kids who LOVE candy!  It was so much fun to watch them just be a family and was so thankful for the opportunity to provide memories for them.  Thank you!  Love you guys! ~xo

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