Sara and Jesus met in San Francisco during his brother’s wedding.  They hit it off and they couldn’t have been more excited for their blossoming romance.  But staying together while each is across the world was going to be a test and a challenge they were willing to take.  Through the process of hard work and days without seeing each other, they took the leap to follow their hearts’ desire.  They travelled together to New York, Mexico, with visits to San Francisco and Spain. Then met in Paris where they devised a plan to stay together.  A year later, with a few more visits in between, she moved to Valencia.  That summer he surprised her and took her back to the very cafe in Paris where they made their original plan to be together. He walked her across the street to the Luxembourg gardens and he proposed. She said “oui!” and made it official to venture on to their greatest journey.

Sara and Jesus,  thank you so much for trusting me with your love story.  I can’t wait to capture your union and I’m so happy to be a part of your special day.  You guys make my heart smile.



Svetlana Bezrodnykh

So happy for you!!!!!

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