It was a beautiful and pretty hot day in SF.    I was super excited to shoot Shane’s birthday this weekend because he is a very special kid to me.  He may look familiar because I have shot this cute little guy before and I’ve seen this guy grow from his mother’s tummy to now being 2 years old.  My favorite features are his eyes because when he looks at you, it just melts your heart… It was very clear that this little boy is extremely loved by his parents and family.  While Shane was receiving lots of affection: the circus lady arrived and Shane enjoyed every part of the show.  The kids were treated with stories, balloon animals, Muppet show, and face- (more like arm) paintings.  Shane was definitely sensing that this day was HIS day.  When I spoke to his mom, she told me that she sang happy birthday to him a few times before his party, but had prefered mommy to sing, “A-B-C’s!  A-B-C’s!”  On the day of his party, the cake came out and the group sang Happy Birthday which by then- was very familiar to him-as you will see in the photos.  It was awesome to watch him get so excited.  Happy Birthday Dear Shane!!!  Here are my favorite shots of the day.  Enjoy!


AAaawww thanks Gel! That means so much to me. love you! xoxoxo

Hi Let! I have been following your blog on and off and each time I return, I am always so pleased to see where your artistic adventure has brought you next. Your work is so inspiring and truly warms my heart! I’m so happy that you have found such a beautiful way to spread your love and nourish your soul. Many blessings and much more success to you!

you’re right, his eyes will melt your heart and I’m only looking at pictures…hehe 🙂 looks like a fun bday party. he is such a cute lil boy 🙂

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