Thomas and Michelle walked in with bags of items as if they were going away for the week, but really they were just there for a photo shoot. =) One quietly sat down on his phone waiting to begin, while the other was constantly asking questions. One was getting changed while the other was being fed. I admire these two. They love each other so much and I see it through their children, sweet, sometimes demanding but all for love. Jeremiah the eldest (a skateboarder) is very sweet, patient and helpful.  Skye the “somewhat middle child” who is a bit demanding, a ballerina who loves Niki Minaj is still adjusting to her new role as an older sister, to not one but two new siblings. Aidan and Ariana, twins but complete opposites, not in just gender, but in size, and temperaments. How do they all balance?

Well, it’s because of Thomas and Michelle. They are a team and there are times where things get chaotic and one might just want to hide out in a hole somewhere and come back in a few weeks, but the love they have for their kids and for each other is ENORMOUS.

Michelle and Thomas, thank you. Thank you for letting me see such love that is so real and precious. I am proud of the couple you have become and of course, wonderful parents at that.  I had such a fun time getting to know all of you as a family; I hope you enjoy seeing how beautiful you guys are in these photographs!  xo

Look, feel, remember…


P.S. Thank you to my Lovey, for holding a newborn for the first time without hesitation. Best babysitter 
ever. =)

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