Happiness means differently for each person. What is your definition? It’s a hard question to answer isn’t it? I see and care for people everyday. I see things that are in the worse conditions and yet they find a way to make some days worth living. I see people cry, suffer from pain, and worry to the point where they have to drown themselves in medications to calm themselves to sleep. I see people live in places where roaches, pests or even bedbugs invade their living space and yet this is normal to them. This is their life and for some it’s not what they choose, but have no other means. Everyday I check in with myself and where I am in my life- at times wishing I can do more. It’s a hard life and everyone is dealing with their own hardship. If we can find a way to find satisfaction in things that are not considered normality in society will we get there? Will we ever get to the place called complacent? Beyond you, lay a world of people thriving for the same thing; to live and get by so that we can have moments of elation. Everyday is an education for oneself. Learn, See, Listen, to what is around you and feel the Sadness, Worry, and Pain so that you know what “happy” feels like. Then maybe, there is hope to understand and define our own happiness.

Look, feel, remember~let

The image below gives me a feeling of contentment between a man and his dog. Beyond this image the story can be endless.  Haight, SF, CA


beautiful post Let 🙂 sometimes we focus so much on being ‘happy’ that we forget to be grateful and feel content. and sometimes because of our busy lives we let that ‘happy’ feeling or place pass us by…

Let has skills skills skills with her camera!

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