Verike and Ryan are not only gorgeous but they have such a sweet, kind spirit.  Their coolness is subtle and you know it, just by looking at them.  Verike is a natural in front of the camera and I may have screamed way too many times at how fierce she is!  Ryan, very smooth, laid back, and if he didn’t tell me that he is a music artist, I probably would have guessed it.  PLEASE check him out because really, he is THAT AWESOME!  Please keep an eye out because he will be releasing a new album soon and you can keep up with him here. Of course, ending the note on their cutie pie Alvin- I seriously would have stuffed him in my camera bag and called it a day- but considering how many times I had mentioned it, the parents were definitely on high alert for a pooch abduction.  So there you go, I can’t imagine how much cooler they can be, but then they’re going to have a baby boy that’s going to rock this world.  Which in turn- makes them a SUPER cool family.

Verike and Ryan, thank you for allowing me to capture one of your most special moments.  Love you guys!



We LOVE you Let! Thank you for these amazing photos. Such a great time to look back on. XO

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