It all began at his cousin’s house and he kept approaching her because he couldn’t get enough of her presence.  She remembered his charm and was flattered by his tenacious energy that resulted in her wanting to find him again.  Once they were reunited, they began their romance and have formed a bond that no one can explain or ever understand.  They were blessed with a beautiful life that presented their love and taught them an even deeper meaning of life.  With love, they are able to conquer life’s unexpected experiences such as- the love of a mother and father and now ready to dominate the love between a husband and wife.   With the presence of their pretty little girl’s face along with their angel from above, he got down on one knee.

Victoria and Carlos, thank you so much for the opportunity to tell your story.  Your precious Natalia is a beauty and you make a wonderful family.  I am super excited to document your special day!  Thank you.

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