Two hundred of Jessica and Jaime’s family and friends gathered to welcome and celebrate one of the most special moments of their lives, the adoption of their baby boy Oliver. It was a room filled with people who just fell in love with him and he felt it. A mixture of tears, excitement, gratefulness, and amazingness poured out of the Abenojars while they explained the day they received the news that they were about to have a baby boy. Jaime proudly held Oliver in his arms watching “mommy” articulate her appreciation and that they as a family means the world to them. The story is a significant event and I was in awe of this beautiful couple saving a little boy’s life and in return saving theirs.

Jaime, Jessica, and Oliver… I am beyond grateful for being a part of your celebration. It was easy to capture your love because you express them so freely. There is no doubt that you will be wonderful parents.

Special thanks to Matti for assisting me always!

look, feel, remember… ~let xx

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