A little insight of me… If I offend you in anyway, I apologize.  I share myself hoping to shed light into my soul and hopefully to touch yours.

One of the most valuable lessons for me is learning how to live in major transitions healthily and receptively. This is not a feat that comes naturally for some, especially me. In fact, it’s something that I struggle with often.

I daydream of the days where I felt invincible, carefree but was I truly content? This is where I am in my journey, at this moment trying to make sense of my happiness, not just for the sake of being satisfied, but also for that true feeling of freeness and making my daydreams a reality. There are days where things seem to be in place, where it makes sense, I have goals, and I have many things to be grateful for. But the days where it’s cloudy and every nerve in my body is vulnerable are the days that I often forget the greater things in my life.

My struggle is within myself, and I am working hard to become more aware and outsmarting my inner demons. I frequently second-guess my worth, my work, and myself. I overcompensate by trying to please others that in the end only create a deeper pattern for self-sabotage. I thrive to be more present, to be more assertive and confident in the ability to be proud of my accomplishments and to stop chasing a dream that can never be fulfilled, which is, to know my future and build it perfectly. I am seeing that as my own fortune teller, I have become my own worse fears- fears that are not real because it does not exist now, and it may never exist. So for now, I must learn to live for today, and trust that if I continue to strive towards my goal- everything will fall into place even if it’s not the way I want it to happen.


On a side note… Some day I’d like to do a snatch as clean as this: Crossfit… =) hahahahahaha!!!



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